Sunday, August 16, 2009

Introductions are in Order

Good day. My name is Hillary, and I am the Anti-Chef.

I have no formal qualifications as far as cooking and food preparation is concerned. What I do have is a fairly good palate, an adventurous nature, and a complete inability to follow a recipe. To me, recipes are more akin to guidelines....every dish is as malleable as a handful of plastic clay until it is served. I like to play with the boundaries of what can and cannot be accomplished in the kitchen. This blog's purpose is to document my successes.

I am a single mom to two daughters. One daughter was born in 1996, the other in 2001; you can do the math. I am also a registered nurse, working three nights a week at a hospital. I enjoy fantasy, science-fiction, and science-fact. I think that sums up my life.

Many of my culinary creations come about because I am too busy/tired to go to the store, and I am trying to use up the ingredients I already have in my kitchen. Other times I have my kids each pick two ingredients, and the rule is I have to make a meal with all four items. Then there are the meals that I plan out because I have a specific vision in mind....

Welcome to my recipe blog. I hope you enjoy what you find here.